06 February 2012

Math Rider: A Review

I am always looking for ways to reinforce good math skills with my children, but not all things work with all children.  So I am always excited to try out something new with them to see how mine respond and do with it.  

Most recently we've had the chance to review a fairly new math program called Math Rider.  Math Rider is designed for ages 6-12 and is all about practicing and mastering basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts.  

Mastering math facts is not a new concept, of course, but the way Math Rider does it is quite new and innovative.  The student gets to "travel on quests" in fantasy-type lands on missions to find magical flowers, stolen gems or even rescue a princess.  Throughout the "quest" they are practicing math facts for addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.  The program is built in such a way that the student's math knowledge is stored in it and the program generates math problems to help drill what needs most practice.  This way there is not needless drilling on already well-known areas (which can lead to much frustration on behalf of the student...and ultimately the parent, right?).

Another plus for Math Rider is the controls for this program are very simple.  Often times online games can have complicated controls causing the games to be more stressful than enjoyable.  This isn't the case here, it's a simple keying in of the answer and hitting "enter".  

Math Rider also allows more than one player to play, so it's great for larger families and multiple learning levels.  Both of my kiddos have thoroughly enjoyed going on their "quests"!

Math Rider is available for instant download for only $37.  It is a very affordable program and runs on multiple platforms.  You can even try it for FREE for 7 days to see how you like it.

I think we'll be using Math Rider for quite a long time.  It's a great way to drill those monotonous math facts in a very fun way.

Disclaimer:  I received a free download of Math Rider through The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew and Math Rider in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

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