02 February 2012

Planning Our Valentine's Day Party

For the past couple of years we have enjoyed a Valentine's party with our previous homeschool group in Arkansas (love that group!).  But we are no longer living there and are now involved with another wonderful group here in Kentucky.

So when Valentine's Day began to get closer and no party was planned....I asked if I could plan one!  Because I don't have anything else going on...haha:)  I couldn't resist though because it is such fun to get together with friends and fellow students and exchange Valentines, isn't it?

We're going to have a contest for the best decorated boxes in each age category, probably some fun games and delicious treats to eat, of course!  So I've been scouting for great ideas and have pinned tons to my Valentine's Day Pinterest board:)  I thought I would share some of my fave ideas with you today.

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Nancy said...

SUCH cute ideas! I might have to throw a party just so I can use some of them!