29 February 2012

Signs of Spring

Last week a sweet friend at church brought me this gorgeous bouquet from her yard.  You always know Spring isn't far away when the daffodils start blooming, right?

We have been having some wonderfully warm days here and there, too.  Of course, they're sandwiched between very cold and windy days but we love them while they're here.  Our winter has been so incredibly mild that I've pretty much given up on snow and say "bring on spring!".  

On one of those recent warm days I thought I would take a little look around our yard to see what was budding out and starting to bloom.  This is our first spring in this house so I'm curious to see what flowers and plants we have here.  

I noticed that we have a large tree in bloom.  I have no idea what kind of tree this is (anyone know?), but the tiny buds were so pretty against the very blue sky.

We also have pretty bright green sprouts all around announcing the near arrival of some kind of flowers.  I can't wait to see what they all are! 

I love the new beginnings of springtime.  It just feels like a fresh start on life, doesn't it?  Spring always motivates me to eat a little better, spruce up the house a little more, start a new project...  And I do have quite the list of projects just waiting for some pretty weather.

How about you?  Are you ready for Spring?

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Kathy said...

We've had a weird, mild winter too, very warmish days mixed with cold and snowy days. But hardly any snow compared to last year!

I simply CANNOT wait for spring and warmer weather, I miss the COLOR!! I miss being outside every day, I miss flowers and wearing flip flops ... yeah, spring can't come soon enough for me! =)