04 February 2012

The Weekly Wrap-up: Building, Botany & History


It's always nice to wrap up another week, isn't it?  It hasn't been a bad week, although it's had its moments.  Mr. B continues to keep me on my toes.  But I'm up for the challenge:)

I'll start my wrap-up on last Saturday when we took the kids to one of the Lowe's Build & Grow clinics.  It was our first time to attend one, but it for sure won't be our last.  We all--especially the kiddos--had a lot of fun!  They were thrilled to hammer and build a dinosaur and also come away with their very own aprons and a patch (for me to sew on) to commemorate their completed project.  They talked about it all day long.  
(at the Lowe's kids' clinic)

Sunday was a great day at church!  I have been in the nursery every Sunday for the month of January training workers.  That has kept me busy, but it's been fun.  We enjoyed the rest of the day at home, relaxing. 

On Monday we attended our co-op classes.  We are so enjoying those!  This week the kids had more fun playing games and learning Bible trivia, learning sign language and also practicing for choir class.  In addition the cooking class cooked lunch for everyone--delish!  I am so happy that we have found such a great group of homeschoolers here in our new home.  They have been a huge blessing to our family!

(walking Holly at the park)

Monday turned out to be so nice and warm (for January) that we headed home to get our puppy Holly and then we were off to the park.  It was nice to walk around for a while and enjoy the fresh air and let the kids play on the playground.  Those opportunities don't come often in the winter time, so we thought we'd better snatch up the chance while we had it.

Tuesday brought our regular schedule at home.  We've been staying right on track so that is very encouraging.  We're also busy studying for our homeschool group's Presidential Fair next week.  The Princess is doing a report on James Monroe and Mr. B is reporting on Andrew Jackson.

The kids made playdough flower models during our botany lesson.  The botany study has been moving along a little slowly even though we're enjoying it.  I think it will pick up when Spring arrives.    

Wednesday brought more school, The Princess' Girl Scout meeting, getting caught in a downpour and teaching the children's class at church.  It was quite a day and I was thankful when it was over..ha  I've seriously questioned my sanity after realizing I had signed The Princess up for a troop that meets on Wednesdays at 3pm...my busiest day of the week usually.  They're currently preparing for World Thinking Day later this month.  The Princess has to have a report done on Queen Victoria for that day.  Yes, we've got lots of reports due this month, don't we? 

Thursday was a quieter day at home again.  Along with our core studies we had fun watching some videos about carnivorous plants which is what we were reading about in our botany book.  

Thursday night I had a little *moms night out* at a friend's house, it was just what I needed!  

Friday was a short school day.  Some math, language arts and then we wrapped up the Story of the World Vol. I today.  It only took us a year and a half.  We love to read history together and can't wait to start Vol. II.  

I spent the afternoon helping The Princess organize and clean her room.  That was a nice thing to cross off my weekly list!  Tomorrow I tackle Mr. B's room!

I hope you enjoy your Saturday and Sunday!


Lisa said...

What a fun, learning-filled week, Lora! Thanks for sharing. :)

Lisa said...

I love the clinics at Lowe's! I have to get my kids there again, soon. :-) Your co-op sounds wonderful! What a blessing to have that nearby. We have been enjoying the great weather, as well! We, too, went to a park and it was wonderful to let them run around and play in the middle of winter! :-)
Hope you are having a great weekend!
Many blessings,

Our Side of the Mountain said...

A Presidential Fair sounds like such a cool idea! Hmmm...wonder if anyone around these parts would be interested? LOL

Mary said...

Looks like a fun week. I have been wanting to take my little guy to one of the Lowe's Clinics.

Jennifer said...

We did the Lowes' Clinics when the girls were smaller, and I remember them enjoying their projects. Your week looks full and fun.

Phyllis said...

What a busy and fun week! My boys liked the Lowes progam, too.

Erika said...

My kids miss going to Lowe's for their clinics. We've just been too busy to go lately. We should really try to though. Thanks for the reminder! :)