16 March 2012

The Weekly Wrap-Up: Pie, Chinese Food and Airplanes

This week kicked off with a bang with our new quarter of co-op classes.  The kids had a blast with their new classes!  This quarter they have Art Appreciation, Brain Teasers, Science {fun experiments} and Etymology {the study of words}.  

I am actually teaching the Art Appreciation class.  This week we made color wheels.  We talked about primary and secondary colors and mixing colors.  I think everyone enjoyed it!  For the next 5 weeks we'll be learning a little about a different artist each week and doing a project in the style of that artist.  I think it's going to be a lot of fun!

The only thing I regret about this week is that I didn't take enough pictures.  I was so busy at co-op that I got no photos there at all:(  This next week will be different though--I have assigned a photographer.  
(Vince & The Princess going out on a daddy/daughter date)

We stayed busy on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with school at home.  We have made it though school day 110.  I would be stressing about that because it means we still have 65 more days to go, but we are planning to double up on some studies again and we are also going to school a bit through the summer this year.  I think our studies are shaping up quite nicely.
The Princess has actually just started her third Singapore workbook for the year.  Mr. B has completed two Singapore workbooks and I am now having him finish the year with a Math Reasoning book from The Critical Thinking Co.  

Have I mentioned lately that I really love First Language Lessons?!  I so wish I had used this book with The Princess as well.  Mr. B is doing so very well with it.  The Princess is really doing well with Total Language Plus though and has regained any lost ground in grammar.  She is wrapping up her second study guide (The Sign of the Beaver) and has really enjoyed it.   

This past Wednesday was March 14th, of course, which means it was 3/14..or 3.14 in the world of math: {Pi Day}.  Even though my kiddos don't know much about Pi yet, we do know about pie!  I made us a quiche (egg pie, right?) for dinner and a butterchess pie for dessert...mmmmm

We still have postcards trickling in from our postcard swap.  It's so fun getting them in the mail!  So far we have received 21 (well, 20 postcards + the info paper one state sent because they couldn't find postcards).  I'm hanging them all on a wall in our Learning Room as they come in (love sticky tack!).  

Last night was the highlight of the week for me:  several--seven to be exact--of us moms from our homeschool group drove to Nashville for dinner at PF Chang's.  Of course, the food was delicious, but the fellowship was even BETTER!  We had so much fun, I can't wait to do it again!

This morning (which came way too early after my late-night party-ing...haha) we met our homeschool group at our regional airport for a tour.  

The kids all enjoyed looking in the tiny planes!
 It was a beautiful day to be outside exploring planes!

 We wrapped up our tour by watching one of the planes take off.

And now I'm off to get ready for this weekend.  We have friends visiting from Indiana, I have art class to prepare for and food to make for our dinner at church on Sunday.  

Enjoy your weekend!


Kym Thorpe said...

What a great week!! I often get too busy to take pictures when I'm teaching co-op too, and miss some great shots. We also had pies on Pi Day! ;-)

Missouri Mama said...

Okay, some one has to remind me about pie day for next year. Of course, I don't really need an excuse to eat dessert.

Stefanie said...

Wonderful week!!! We loved First Language Lessons too. I wish it had lasted forever. lol

Drooling over the pies. I'm not a pie maker so we didn't have any. lol

Popping in from the WWU.

Mary said...


Love FLL!

Great idea for displaying the postcards. Texas should be arriving soon- I have only sent out half so far!!