02 March 2012

The Weekly Wrap-Up: Queen Victoria, Haiku and A Co-op Presentation

 What a fun week we've had!  I love reflecting on our week each Friday.  It gives me a great sense of accomplishment (usually).

I'll start this wrap-up on last Saturday.

The Princess' Girl Scout troop participated in World Thinking Day along with several other area troops.  Each troop chose a specific country on which to do a report.  The Princess' troop chose England.

At the opening ceremonies each girl in her troop gave a short report on a particular person from England (past or present) that they chose to study.  My girl chose Queen Victoria and I was so proud of how she boldly gave her brief report.  I think I may owe some of that to her awesome speech class in a previous co-op in Arkansas--thank you, Mrs. Kara:)

My princess looked absolutely gorgeous that day, too, every bit as queenly as Victoria.  

The whole troop looked great actually.  They worked very hard on their booth and it paid off.  

School went very well this week.  We started off Monday with our co-op classes--the last ones for this quarter.  We have all just really enjoyed it!  And I'm so happy that they've taken off so well that our homeschool group will continue to have them.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were regular days of school here at home.  We had another productive week!  Both kiddos have completed their second books of Singapore Math for the year.  I have new ones coming for The Princess, however Mr. B will continue with a math book from The Critical Thinking Co. that I already had for him.  

We enjoyed a little foray into Haiku this week, too.  During our history lessons through the Middle Ages, one of ours this week was on Japan.  For a fun exercise I taught them about Haiku and we wrote one together.  Here's the one we did:

The Princess enjoyed Haiku so much that she has since written a couple of pages full of them!  I love to see her really getting into learning and realizing how fun it can be.

Last night we wrapped up our last quarter's co-op with a special presentation night.  The classes were able to share with their parents, grandparents, friends just what they've been learning.  Not all classes present themselves well for a public presentation, but the choir class and the American Sign Language class performed for us and did a GREAT job!  

Here is Mr. B's ASL class performing a song.

And this is The Princess' ASL class also performing a song.

The classes all combined to do 4 songs together as a choir.  This included speaking parts, dance and song.  It was a very fun presentation and everyone had a great time!

Friday (today) brought my family for a visit.  So we are off to have some fun with them!  Enjoy your weekend!


Lisa said...

Your daughter's troops looked wonderful for their England report! What beautiful costumes! :-) It is also awesome that you have such a good coop. Hoping I can find one around here. Hope you have a great and blessed weekend, Lisa

Jennifer aGlimpseOfOurLife said...

What a pretty Queen Victoria. I enjoyed your wrap up and want to get back into that habit.

Kym Thorpe said...

What a lovely group of princesses!!! glad your daughter did such a good job on her report!

Erika said...

Your princess looks like a real princess! How precious!