27 March 2012

Who Knew I Lived In the Bowling Ball Capitol of the World?!

Well, apparently I DO live in the bowling ball capitol of the world!  We are home to Ebonite International which produces 1,000,000 bowling balls a year.  Yep, a million!  

Our homeschool group took a tour there this past Friday and it was SO MUCH FUN!  Really one of the best field trips we've taken.  Ebonite went above and beyond in their tour--they were well-organized, interesting and it was just the right length of time: not to short and not too long:) 

(Mr. B holding a cup of the *plastic cement* that forms the core of a bowling ball)

We got to see the process of making a bowling ball from start to finish...and I must say it was incredibly interesting!  I had no idea the amount of engineering that goes into creating one.  It's quite a scientific process!  

( our great tour guide, Brian)

For instance, did you know that a bowling ball must be designed off-balance?  This way it will be in-balance when they drill the finger holes.  Interesting, I know...:)

(wearing our attractive safety glasses)

It was so cool to watch them pour the outer shell (the colorful part) into the molds and then pop them out to cool.  That stuff hardens in 40 seconds!

Here's The Princess holding some of it that hardened while pouring it from one cup into another.  

We watched the balls work their way down the sanding line and get themselves all polished up.  

The results are these oh-so-pretty balls!  It takes 3 days to make a bowling ball from start to finish--who knew, right?  

I have to say we were all impressed with Ebonite.  They did a great tour and all of the employees were so friendly--and they seemed happy to be at work, which says a lot about a company.  This will definitely go down as one of our favorite field trips!


Stefanie said...

That is totally cool! How fascinating.

Jennifer aGlimpseOfOurLife said...

That does look like an interesting field trip. That cup of hardened coating is cool. The balls in your last picture are pretty.

Jane Maritz said...

Wow - it sounds like they are set up for great tours! And I'd never have thought of the off-balance thing...

April said...

Cool field trip! So cool how the plastic hardened as she was pouring.

Mary said...

Wow! What a totally cool field trip!!!

A Dusty Frame said...

Wow that does sound really fun!
Lizzie TOS Crew

Jen Altman said...

was there a cost for this field trip? I'm working on my 31 days of Field Trips that you submitted this for and was just wondering so I could specify in my post! Thanks!!