08 May 2012

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall {a before & after}

I've had this cute little mirror since our nursery days.  I picked it up years ago at a TJ Maxx while getting ready for The Princess to arrive in this world.  Since then it graced both kiddos' nursery and eventually found it's way to Mr. B's room.  However it was still decorated with some baby-ish decor and finally was put in the closet because I knew it needed to be redone.  I just hadn't been inspired yet.  

Recently while looking through some old editions of Family Fun magazine (love that one!), I found this adorable idea.  I just had to do it!  So Vince, Mr. B and I got busy collecting his tiny little toys and also found some at a yard sale that were perfect.  Next we grabbed the hot glue gun and....voila!  The perfect mirror for Mr. B's room!   

I love this idea because it can be totally personalized to the individual.  In this case it has themes of Legos, Toy Story, Star Wars and just plain ol' fun boy toys.  Mr. B just LOVES it, too!  But then again, who wouldn't?!  I'm thinking how cute a Paris-themed one would be for my walk-in closet;)


Laura said...

Great idea! Plus, it has the added bonus of getting all of those tiny toys off of the floor. :)

Nancy said...

Awesome idea! We're going to do Little Man's room in a safari theme...I may have just found an idea for all those tiny animals we have floating around! Thanks for sharing!