26 May 2012

Nature Walking

This school year our science has been about all things botany.  Admittedly, it was a bit hard through the winter because studying botany just makes you want to get outside and that doesn't work so well when everything is in its dormant stage.  However, since the weather has gotten nice it's so much fun to go outside and really get hands-on with our lessons.  

Yesterday we hit the nature trails at our local environmental center, Jeffers' Bend.  I had printed off a fun botany scavenger hunt list from this site and we grabbed the nature journals and water bottles and set off!  

I love handmade signs.

The kiddos examining the different kinds of leaves on their list.

This list went so well with our Apologia Botany study!

Lovely flowers, not sure what kind, but so vibrant.

We thought this tree bark was unusual from most others.

Getting up close with pollination.

Hitting the trails!

Daddy found a good grapevine for swinging.

The Princess taking a swing.

Mr. Be getting ready to take off.

Nothing like crashing through the woods on a grapevine.

An unusual grapevine.

The sighting of a "five-lined skink".

Looking through the treetops.

It was fun identifying all of the different kinds of leaves we had studied.

Pausing to toss in a rock or two.

{wild} lace-capped hydrangeas--beautiful!

More lovely wildflowers.

The biggest dandelion we've ever seen....or something else??

Examining those giant seeds and discussing wind-dispersal.

More wildflowers--I can't resist!

It was a great morning, enjoying God's creation and just hanging out as a family.  Can't wait to do it again soon!


Kathy said...

Beautiful photos, looks like an awesome day ... and I LOVE those orange flowers!

Lora @ my blessed life said...

Thanks, Kathy:)

Erika said...

This is my favorite kind of learning! You got some great pictures. So fun!

Jennifer aGlimpseOfOurLife said...

Your pictures are great. That skink would have scared me, was your camera zoomed in?

Kym Thorpe said...

Beautiful pictures!!! Well, except for the skink... not sure "beautiful" is the right word for that - but you got a great picture!