31 May 2012

Visiting a 1850's Working Farm

On Memorial Day we decided it was time to check out the Land Between the Lakes that we've heard so much about since moving to Western Kentucky.  It was a beautiful day and some great family time together!  

On our first day to visit the Land Between the Lakes we chose to go to The Homeplace: a mid-19th century working farm created from authentic buildings moved from various places in the LBL area when they were turning into a national recreation area.  We all enjoyed exploring the homes (there are two on the farm) and all of the many out buildings.  The people working there, all dressed in period clothing, performing tasks from that period, were so interesting and helpful.  

That day they were hosting a fun scavenger hunt around the farm for children and the kiddos had a great time finding and learning about the various things from that time period as they crossed off their list.  

pretending to drive the horses

the largest home on the farm

an album of quilt patterns

fresh onions from the garden

cast iron pans in the kitchen

exploring in the large home

a freshly dried flower arrangement

the second home on the farm

lovely vintage linens and wash basin

a beautiful sampler

their flower garden plan

hollyhocks in the flower garden

tobacco drying in the barn

running to see the pigs

the pigs were taking it easy in the heat of the day

but they were so cute

in the tool barn

cleaning up in the tool barn

more period tools

the outside of the tool barn

crossing the creek on the farm

sheep roaming the farm

a woolly white sheep 

collecting their prizes from the scavenger hunt

by the trumpet vine

the bison prairie directly across from the farm

We can't wait to explore more of the Land Between the Lakes very soon!  


Amy B said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun! The pictures are beautiful, thank you for sharing. Isn't it funny that kids don't care that pigs stink....

Modest Mama said...

What a great looking place! My family would love an outing like this.

Melissa said...

This looks like so much fun!!

Tess said...

My family would love that! Great pictures. If I make it back to Kentucky to visit family, I'll make it a point to see if we can squeeze in a mini-trip to Western Kentucky.

Sharon said...

Our family loves to visit places like this. Looks like you guys had a great time.