04 May 2012

The Weekly Wrap-Up: Making Plans, Playing Little House and Doodling

Ahh...Friday.  It's that a lovely day?  We love it here because we usually don't do school on Fridays, occasionally we do, but not usually.  And today we are off--yea!

This has been a productive week, even though there have been moments when I wondered.  We continue to make good strides toward the end of our school year.  We still have about 40+ days left in our year though. I have already discussed with the kiddos (not to ask their thoughts, but to give them a "heads up") that we will continue to do a little school through the summer although it will be a very relaxed schedule.  I just can't take the summer brain drain that we had last fall.  So while it will probably just be a couple of mornings a week, we will continue doing some school through the summer, taking off a week here and there.  Do you homeschool year-round or take the summer off?

I am getting excited about school for next year already:)  I think it's this time of the year, I just get all into making my lists of new curriculum and books needed and get excited about book sales and all that.  In fact, I am off to a used curriculum sale that a homeschool group in a neighboring city is having this morning.  Then in a couple of weeks I'm going to be attending the annual homeschool convention in Nashville.  I am really looking forward to checking out the vendors!  Are you planning to attend any conventions this year?  

I'll leave you today with a few shots of happenings around our home.

The Princess has had a renewed interest in playing Little House this week and 
has spent a majority of her time in this costume.  So cute!

Mr. B has been enjoying his new "doodle" book from his Uncle Steven. 

They've both been enjoying spending lots of time outdoors!

We love our reading time together every night.  
I usually read to them from a fictional book, 
then our Bible story book and then 
Vince reads again to them from Mr. B's new Action Bible 
just because they love it so much:)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  Enjoy time with those you love!

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Lisa said...

Hi there! I'm visiting from Kris' WUHS today. I wanted to tell you that I love your daughter's Little House dress! Did you make it for her?

Amy said...

My 9 year old would LOVE your daughters Little House on the Praire custome. It is very cute. We are taking a summer break but I am doing some unit studies during our weeks at home. Just some fun learning - not school. No school in the summer ;) Maybe they won't notice!

Phyllis said...

We homeschool all summer. Are you kidding? I want that little house dress myself!

andrearoseman said...

We do Writing with Ease and Math a couple of days a week in the summer. They also read each day. One year we didn't do math and August back to school was torture!!

See Jamie blog said...

I looooove the Little House outfit. :)

We're going to be doing some schooling through the summer, too. Haven't decided just how much yet.

Christy said...

That costume is so cute. We always do some school work during the summer, even when my daughter was in parochial school. Sometimes just a small daily assignment in math or handwriting to keep up the skills.

Sharla said...

Love the costume and her sitting out under the tree! We are planning to school through the summer this year too, though probably a modified version or less days a week. It will be very flexible so that we can participate in any opportunities that come up.

Our Side of the Mountain said...

Aw, what a sweet Little House outfit! No wonder she wants to wear it!

School summers? Nope! LOL It seems that LOTS of homeschoolers are switching to schooling year round, but we need a long summer vacation to get excited about another year. Now, we continue to learn as UNSCHOOLERS!

Nicole said...

We will have some days that I count as school days this summer, although they will not be necessarily scheduled. For instance, we will do a unit on the continental drift and plate tectonics the week before the new Ice Age movie comes out, etc. If I see a unit opportunity, we'll do it and count it as a school day(s).

We are also doing something a little different this year and starting school on July 23rd (the week before the Olympics .... UNIT STUDY!), doing school six days a week by adding "Science Saturdays with Daddy", and taking some LONG breaks through the year. I am hoping it will help with burnout. My high schooler wants to stick to the public school schedule so he's off when his friends are (makes sense) so when the rest of us are off and he's still in school, I'll have him do independent projects.

We'll see!

Stef Layton said...

yes yes yes - I do year round school. too much time doing nothing always leads 2 boys to disobedience or boredom!