21 June 2012

More Visits to the Land Between the Lakes

This past week when my sister visited we did TONS of fun things (we're checking off that summer fun list!)! One place that we visited two times was the Land Between the Lakes.  

One evening early in the week we went with friends from our church to the Elk& Bison Prairie.  It's just a nice, easy area to drive through and hopefully view some elk and bison.  We didn't see a lot of activity that evening, but what we did observe was beautiful.  

I also finally managed to get a decent shot of a mama eagle and her nest on the bridge going out of the Land Between the Lakes.  There are two huge nests on that bridge with several eagles and they are so gorgeous!

Later in the week we went back for Children's Day at The Homeplace .  It was a lovely day for a picnic (our family loves to picnic--and my sister snapped the requisite photo to commemorate the moment:) before heading into the farm.

The Homeplace is a 1850's interpretive center--a total working farm they've created with authentic structures from that time period.  They were hosting Children's Day, which meant children got to experience what it would be like to live on a farm in the 1800's.  They did all kinds of farm chores to earn "tokens" to spend at the general store.  My kiddos absolutely loved it!  I wonder why they don't get that excited about their chores at home now... 

They hauled water to the garden, swept the house, beat the rugs, picked up rocks in the garden, hoed the garden, practiced weaving, attended school, learned about making wooden shingles, blacksmithing and bartering, and they even earned themselves some old-fashioned play time and money to spend in the general store.

You might have noticed that The Princess looks a little different at the end of the week compared to the beginning.  

She got a summer haircut!  My sister was kind enough to cut it for her, although I think the kindness was more towards me since The Princess has been nearly driving me crazy asking for a haircut for at least a month.  It turned out really cute!

We had so much fun with my sister, Kari, here and I'll be sharing more of our fun times with you soon.


Audra Silva said...

Now that looks like a lot of fun times together. :)

Kari said...

Miss you guys already!

Lora @ my blessed life said...

We miss you, too!!!! Last week was SO much fun!!