05 July 2012

A Little Yard Surprise

See what's growing in our yard?  Yes, a squash plant!  And, no, we didn't even plant it :)  Sadly, I didn't get any kind of a garden planted this spring.

We just happened onto this plant in our yard and thought "hey, this looks like a squash plant!".  Sure enough, there's one growing and there are lots more blooms.  Can't wait to pick them!

Now for the really funny part...this squash plant is right by our front steps...by our lilies.  I'm sure people coming to our front door are wondering about our landscaping tastes (no pun intended..haha).  

Oh--and, yes, this was the perfect example for my children of "animal dispersed seeds" from our Apologia Botany study this past year :)  

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Jennifer aGlimpseOfOurLife said...

My favorite veggie! My hubby cooked some tonight- yum. Sadly, the squash that I planted in our garden didn't grow. How interesting that it just popped up there with your lilies. I'm following your blog on FB now, too.