09 July 2012

One Thousand Gifts: Still Counting

While I haven't stopped counting, it's been a while since I posted some of my gifts on here.  It's good to share gifts--it reminds me even more to be grateful.

0551.  sticky little-kid chins, stained pink from watermelon

0552.  the clickity-clack of a ceiling fan

0553.  the joy on my child's face when she receives a handwritten letter from a far-away beloved friend

0554.  the satisfaction of crossing off things on my to-do list

0555.  the coolness of a pool on a hot summer afternoon

0556.  watching my kiddos play in harmony (even if it's only for a few minutes at a time)

0557.  receiving a blessing from an unexpected source

0558.  lovely fresh veggies from our neighbor's garden

0559.  scrubbing out that ring of dirt from the kiddos' bathtub and knowing just how much fun they had getting dirty

0560.  falling asleep reading a good book


Anonymous said...

Thought I would return the kindness and check out your blog and I love the all the blessings... Beautiful. :)

Kristina said...

Love this! While I have been doing this in a journal for a while to, I only just started the blog version yesterday when I saw the challenge on Ann's blog. :)
Thanks for sharing!

shahbaz khan said...

The ideas for gifts that you suggest for blessed life was fantastic. so you have some more of it?