03 July 2012

Playing & Crafting

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(making *gross* soup from random found items + a little food coloring)

We have certainly been busy around here checking off things on our Summer Fun List.  Not only have we been taking lots of fun field trips, but there has also been plenty of crafting, fun and general silliness abounding!
(The Princess narrating/acting/directing a play she wrote for her stuffed animals to perform)

I love the amazing creativeness of children--and my children are no exception!  They can come up with some pretty great ideas (some of which require lots of *props*, but that's okay, right?)!  

Recently my daughter has discovered her love for all things Nancy Drew (pretty sure that was genetic) and turns absolutely everything into a mystery (pretty sure that was genetic, too).  She even gets up each morning trying to decide on her clothes based on how much they look like something Nancy would wear.  Too cute!

(Cosmic bowling, baby!)

Both of my kiddos are also into *spy* gear, so there's lots of that going on around here as well.  Not exactly sure what they're *spying* on, but I guess it never hurts to hone those skills, does it?  I guess that's in the genes, too, because I nearly drove my family crazy doing plenty of *spying* when I was about the same age...ha

(building and growing at Lowe's kids' clinics)

From experience, I know it is best to keep those little hands busy with something pretty much all of the time. Or I regret it...haha  So I have a stash of craft kits that have accumulated around the house that just haven't been gotten to yet and a stash of ideas to pull out when somebody says "I'm bored".  So far it's been going pretty well!  Plus my sister brought a few tricks when she came for her visit.

(Aunt Kari made them sponge water *bombs*)
(nothing like a good water fight!)

While my sister was here, she also gave a few sewing lessons (because she got that family gene and I didn't).  They kids had SO much fun sewing....or learning to....I couldn't believe it!  Mr. B even loved it!

(making his own tote bag)

We also keep an eye out for *free* local events as well.  Our church even hosted one recently, a Touch-a-Truck event where you bring in big rigs and specialty vehicles from local agencies and businesses and let the kids explore and learn about them.  You've never heard So.Many.Horns. blowing in one place before, but the area kids had a BLAST!!  

(nothing as fun as climbing up in a huge tow truck!) 
(this one had that favorite old-fashioned kind of horn)

We've also been enjoying the summer program at our local library.  So far we've been to see the local theater group perform songs from big Disney productions and we saw a fun animal show.  

(petting a snake)

We're looking forward to some other events coming up: a free *build* at the Lego store, a LBL nature station event, free family movies at local parks, plus lots more crafting, playing and imagining will be going on here!  

I hope you're enjoying your summer as much as we are!

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