21 August 2012

Made It, Loved It ....Or Not So Much

(Cream Cheese Chicken Chili & Jalapeno Cheddar Parmesan Cornbread 
that my hubby made me from recipes he's pinned--amazing stuff!!)

I don't know about you but having Pinterest to be my personal virtual bulletin board or filing system has greatly simplified my online life!  I love being able to put all of my favorite things all in one place rather than having a million links in my *favorites* folder.

Of course, every time I'm on Pinterest I find a bazillion yummy-looking recipes and they make me SO hungry-ha!  I have no less than a dozen food-centered boards.  There are more food-related pins among the other boards, but a total of 12 totally dedicated to recipes.  Yes, I like to cook and eat!

This week though I decided it was time to create a couple of new boards to keep track of the recipes I've found and tried on Pinterest.  So I now have a board titled *Made It & Loved It* and one called *Made It ...probably won't make it again*.  I must say that my *Made It & Loved It* board is significantly larger than the other one:)

I have seen a few other people who have similar boards and I find their pins and comments very helpful.  Sometimes those pictures live up to their good looks ...and sometimes they don't.  It's just reality, people.

So if you're interested in seeing what pins have turned out great for me, just follow those boards!  You can click the links above or you can click the *Follow Me on Pinterest* button to your right.

Do you Pinterest?  And have you tried a lot of the things you have pinned?

(Strawberry Vanilla Lemonade my hubby made from
a recipe he's pinned--yes, he's the best!!)


Twisted Cinderella said...

I haven't made a lot of the recipes I have pinned yet. But I have made a couple that were really good. I like your idea of organizing the pins you have tried that way.

Jennifer aGlimpseOfOurLife said...

I've tried a lot of recipes from pinterest and have a page for new recipes I want to try. The few I don't like I just delete my pin.

Karyn Tripp said...

I make things from Pinterest ALL the time- it is where I go when I am bored with my recipes & want something new... If I don't like them, I delete them from my boards.

Missouri Mama said...

One nice thing about pinterest is I no longer have a messy pile of clipped recipes cluttering up the kitchen drawer--now I can clutter virtually.