14 August 2012

Owl Teacher Bags

This past Sunday our church honored the school teachers in our congregation who are returning to teach this week.  We so appreciate all they do in our local schools for the children of our community! 

My husband found the cutest gift bag idea on Pinterest (yes, my creative hubby is now on Pinterest:) and we sort of recreated it on these gift bags.  I love the way these owls turned out!  Each bag had a different *expression*...too cute!  

We stuffed them full of all kind of things these teachers need on a daily basis: sanitizer, pencils, glue, paper clips, sticky notes, tape, white-out, colored pencils, red pens, black pens, highlighter, an insulated cup, and also chocolate:)  Just a little something to make the beginning of their year go a little better.

1 comment:

Kathy said...

those are adorable! what a fantastic idea to honor the teachers! =)