27 August 2012

The Weekly Plan {Aug 27th}

Ahh...it was so good to have my plan to refer back to and keep myself accountable throughout last week!  I felt like I was back in my groove:)

It was a very productive week, too!  Got lots of housecleaning done, got almost caught up on my filing/paperwork (one of my least fave things!), started my lesson plans for the beginning of school which is coming up very quickly), Vince finished up several yard projects ....see, I just needed a plan to keep me on track.

I also tried a couple of new recipes last week that we really liked.  The Prairieland Pot Roast was very flavorful and good.  I was curious how it would taste being cooked in Catalina dressing, but we liked it a lot. The Balsamic Honey Chicken was very good, too, although mine didn't get that delicious-looking outer skin that it showed in pics on the blog that I found it (could have had something to do with my using boneless/skinless breasts instead of legs).  It tasted great though and was the perfect light dinner combined with Red, White & Blue Salad.  And even though our dinner plans for Thursday changed, I did make the Arkansas Green Beans on the night with our pot roast and they were AH-mazing!!  Can't wait to make those again!

This week I'm looking forward to making another new recipe or two and some old faves as well.  I think it's finally cool enough to make some soup!  I've been in the mood for soup lately (hurry up, Fall!!).  I want to try some new gluten-free recipes this week and also cook some more with this new coconut oil that I've recently gotten.  Have you tried cooking with coconut oil?  What do you like to cook with it most?

Last night we had a Super Hero party at our house to honor all of the children's and nursery workers at our church.  It was a total blast!  Didn't this cake turn out cute?  I can't take any credit except for baking a couple of cake mixes--my awesome hubby did all of the decorating!

-Recover from our busy weekend:)
-Clean up around the house
-Work on lesson plans
-Dinner: Kraut & Weenies, Butter Beans, and Roasted Potatoes (slow-cooker)

-Work on lesson plans
-Continue filing project
-Playdate at our house with friends
-Dinner: Chili Dogs, Potato Salad, and Grilled Veggies

-Work on lesson plans
-Teach children's class at church
-Dinner: French Dips with chips

-Field Trip Day to Nashville!
-Cheekwood Gardens
-Tennessee State Museum
-Dinner: Beef Veggie Soup with Cornbread

-Continue cleaning in the garage (maybe even get finished!)
-Dinner: Blackened Talapia with Pico de Gallo, Rice, and Broccoli

-Some R & R!
-Dinner: {leftovers}

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Nicole said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I had a productive on, as well, so I am geared up and ready for this week! I'm with you ... a plan and list keeps me accountable, too.

Have another great week!