17 August 2012

The Weekly Wrap-up: Legos, SplashPads & Co-op

Yea!  It's time for a Weekly Wrap-Up!  We haven't officially started back to school, but our co-op kicked-off this week and our homeschool group activities have started back up, too, so a wrap-up is in order.  

I'll actually take you back to last week first.  

We have been enjoying the free Lego builds that Lego stores host on the first Tuesday of each month.  This was our 2nd month to go.  The kids got to build a shark (last month it was an Olympic torch) to take home.  It's a great little freebie--and it gives us an excuse to head to Nashville for a night out:)

My parents came in for a quick visit last week also.  The kiddos had fun hanging out and also building puzzles with them (last week was puzzlepalooza at our house--the kids worked over 20 and they were EVERYwhere!).

This week marked the first day of school for our local public schools--one of our elementary schools is right next door to our church.  We were so excited to host a luncheon for the teachers there the day before their students started back.  They work so hard for our community and it was great to be able to serve them.

On the first day of our public schools our homeschool group had a Not-Back-to-School party at a local park.  It was tons of fun!!  Instead of being in a classroom, they were on the splashpad, the playground, walking and scootering by the pond and we all enjoyed the potluck:)  Our group has exploded this year and I am loving meeting so many more homeschool moms in our area.

The Princess decided she just had to make us a special snack this week--she recreated something that their VBS served this summer: "oyster cookies".  She sandwiched vanilla wafers (and gluten-free snickerdoodles for Mr. B) with icing, added a Cherrio for the pearl and chocolate chips for the eyes.  They were pretty cute--and pretty yummy, too!

Today marked our first day of co-op for this year.  It seems so early for me, I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around it since we've never had any official school before September in the past--ha!  We still won't begin our home studies until the first week of September; however, this may work out very well, easing into our school year a little at a time:)  This first quarter our co-op classes are: The Constitution, Creative Writing, Parables of Jesus, and Muscles & Fitness.  The kiddos loved everyone of them today!

And now we're ready for the weekend.  It has been One.Full.Week. 

How has your week been?  Have your kiddos started back to school already?


Patty @ Coming Up Roses said...

Those cookies are adorable! I love the pic of the kids sitting beside the pond. They look so relaxed!

Kelli Becton said...

those cookies are really cute! you are welcome to link it up to my Kids in the Kitchen post for a fun kid snack - we start a new link up each tuesday! (kids not required in cooking pics- but we do think they are cute) ;)