31 August 2012

The Weekly Wrap-Up: Mini Golf, Super Heroes & Tree Houses

Here we are at the weekend again--where do these days go?!  It's been a very busy week around here ...I'm sensing a theme with that.

Now let's see where we last left off.  

Last weekend we enjoyed a short visit from my parents and sister.  While they were here we played a round at our new local mini golf--which just happens to be located at our favorite local farm!  We had fun--even if it was a super challenging course at which I stunk:)

Of course, it's just fun to hang out at the farm anyway.  There are the kittens, the goats, the pigs, and swinging and rocking on the front porch is definitely a must!

Sunday night was a par-tay at our house!  Woot!  We had a Super Hero party to honor all of our children and nursery workers and their families from our church.  The kids really got into it and wore full costume (mine are Batgirl and Spiderman).  

My husband and the award-presenter as Mullet Man!  LOL  He cracks me up!

He also decorated this amazing Super Hero cake--he's my very own Super Hero!!

Around the house this week...

The Princess got busy making beads with her jewelry maker.

Mr. B enjoyed building a couple of Lowe's Build & Grow kits that he hadn't yet gotten around to making.

And much time was spent in the tree house: creating, building, eating, and just playing.  

Yesterday was a big field trip day with friends from our homeschool group.  First off we visited Cheekwood Gardens in Nashville to see their big tree house exhibit before it was over.  

The tree houses were all based on children's literature and they were pretty impressive!  Made me want my very own!  This first one is based on The Giver (which I have not yet read, but want to read).

The Rainbow Fish inspired this creation of the same name which is covered in cd's--pretty clever way to make scales! 

This is the Conch House, inspired by Lord of the Flies (which I have never read either ...I suppose I should).  This was a very cool design to look at, if not the most practical of tree houses.

The Jolly Roger, inspired by Peter and Wendy, was probably the kids' favorite tree house.  They loved it!  That was the one they returned to play on after we have visited all of the others.

One of my personal favorites was called Up and Down Again, A Hobbit's Tale (you can guess what it was inspired by, right?).  I loved this little Hobbit door down at the bottom of one side.

This cool creation made of rope was named Ocean of Notions, inspired by Haroun and the Sea of Stories.  It was like a big ball of twine suspended over a pond and the kids had a great time climbing all through it.   

After a picnic lunch we were off to the Tennessee State Museum in downtown Nashville.  This is a surprising little gem of a regional museum!

They offer some great programs and we participated in three today.  First up was the Museum Experience 
Room where our instructor talked about frontier life in this area.  She did a great job and made it very interesting and fun!

Next we had "first person interpretation" by frontierwoman Ann Cockrill.  Our interpreter, playing Ann Cockrill, described in much detail her life on the Tennessee frontier over 200 years ago.  

Finally we wrapped up our museum visit with a scavenger hunt that took us through all three levels of the exhibits.  We were very surprised and impressed at the extensive collections of regional artifacts--and not-so-regional.  There is even an Egyptian mummy and a cat mummy there!  The girls, of course, were very grossed out:)

The boys, on the other hand, were more interested in the cannons and guns room.  

After navigating all of the football fans traffic (the Titans had a pre-season game and it was the first college game of the season for the nation ...at Vanderbilt.  So the traffic was insane), we made it safely home and are ready for a relaxing weekend.  

I hope you have a great weekend, too!  Happy Labor Day!

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Traci's Teaching Times said...

Oh, those treehouses are so neat. I want to go see them. I showed them to my hubby. He asked, "Where are they?" I said, "Just TN." He laughed and said, "Just TN."