23 August 2012

Wrapping Up Proverbs 31

Yesterday I wrapped up my Bible study on the Proverbs 31 woman.  I was a little behind schedule due to several trips in July and early August, but I was determined to finish.  Having a FB support group for this study has helped with my accountability--I must admit that I sometimes fall behind when I'm doing a study on my own and then just give up.  Also, having a group has been nice to bounce thoughts and ideas off of--and to hear theirs as well!

The Proverbs 31 Woman ...One Virtue at a Time is a study by Courtney Joseph of Women Living Well and Good Morning Girls.  Even though they have finished this study, the resources are all still online and free for you to use and do on your own.  You can also access their weekly videos on these two sites.

I have learned so much over the course of the summer as I worked through this chapter verse-by-verse.  I have absolutely relished my quiet times in the mornings (well, sometimes not-so-quiet times with my early-bird son--it's hard for me wake up before he does!).  I am a note-taker and love the process of writing (pen and paper!) and this study requires a lot of journaling and I have loved it.  Writing things down helps me to process them and really learn them.  Of course, there's also the added benefit of being able to go back and read through your notes again and again to refresh your memory and enhance your study.

Some thoughts that I have jotted down in my notes are:
  • The definition of noble (as in "a noble wife") is impossible to attain to without the grace of God (vs 10)
  • My husband should be able to trust me completely, in all things (vs. 11)
  • The P31 Woman isn't lazy, she has a positive attitude toward her daily tasks (vs. 13)
  • She is creative, plans ahead, and builds her house on godly wisdom (vs 14)
  • She embraced the mundane chores with willingness (vs 19)
  • She is generous with her family and also those in her community (vs 20)
  • The P31 woman was a planner, planning ahead for the seasons (vs 21)
  • She also took great care to make her home beautiful and full of quality (vs 22)
  • Her actions, clothing, attitudes reflect on her husband and can either bless him or hinder him (vs 23)
  • She was not a worrier (vs 25)
  • Her family sang her praises--the ones she lived with and not just her co-workers, PTA, fellow church members, etc. (vs 28)
These are just a few nuggets from this chapter--it's virtually brimming with wisdom in every way!  My prayer is that I can take what I have been studying and truly apply it all in my day-to-day life. 

With our new homeschool year getting ready to start back up, many of those daily challenges arise again as well and I know that I can only do it with God's grace and wisdom.

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