05 September 2012

Our First Day of School

It's back!  That lovely school routine that I adore!  Really, I do like a good, general routine to count on.  Of course, with homeschooling you have to be flexible, but that's part of the beauty of it.  And yesterday was really a wonderful first-day-back for us.

Mr. B--who claimed to not be excited to start back to school--was up early and started working on his math before his sister was even up!  When she did get up, she started her math before we had even had breakfast.  "Yea!" for them!

We didn't begin all of our subjects yesterday, but we really covered all the bases with some review products that we are working on (great stuff, btw!).  We had a full day of Bible, math, handwriting, history, science, and P.E.  

Our "principal" (aka: hubby, daddy) made an awesome breakfast for us: "apple" waffles!  They were so cute and, of course, yummy:)   

We went to Zaxby's for lunch so the kiddos could use their free kids' meal coupons.  It was definitely a fun and busy day!  And to top it off we took them to Nashville so they could make the free mini build at the Lego store.  I just love having one of those not too far away!  They got to make the cutest little owl to take home (sorry the pic from my phone isn't great).  

I'm ready to do it all again today!  That's not to say there were no bumps or hiccups today (my kids ARE normal, I promise), but we worked through them fairly well.  I am praying for good things this year: good growth mentally AND spiritually!

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Twisted Cinderella said...

We had our first day of back to homeschool yesterday. My first day with more than one kid doing school. It was fun!