24 September 2012

The Amazing Birthday Spread {and This Week's Dinner Plans}

This past weekend my hubby threw a party for my birthday!  He hasn't tried that in quite a few years and, frankly, it was a total blast!  Just a really good time with really good friends.  Oh--and did I mention that he cooked up quite a spread of food, too?  Well, he did!  There were three kinds of chili (Cincinnati-style, white chili and a special new chili that I'll be sharing with you soon), and all the toppings, Cowboy Caviar (UH-mazing!!) and ranch dip with chips, pumpkin cupcakes, and the most gorgeous pumpkin birthday cake!!  Yes, we ate a lot at that party :)

And now for our dinner plans for this week...

Monday: Beef Vegetable Soup with Cornbread

Tuesday: Vince's Chili 

Wednesday: Tostadas
Thursday: Pan-Fried Talapia Po' Boys 
Friday: Homemade Pizza

Saturday: {leftovers}

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Andrea said...

Wow, that looks fantastic!!! Sounds like you had a fabulous birthday:-) Way to go hubby!