28 September 2012

The Weekly Wrap-Up: Field Trippin' & Co-op Classes

reading together

Whew!  Another week down.  Is it still September?  This month has seemed really long to me.  It's almost over though.  I'm ready for a new month, as great as September has been.  

Maybe it has just seemed long because of all of our starts and stops with school this month.  This week was really a pretty rough week.  I'm chalking it up to lots of fatigue on my behalf, a son who just. could. not. focus., and ...did I mention that I was tired?  That means my patience level was probably pretty low, too, which isn't a good addition.  I'm so glad that "tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it"!  

We had a fun field trip this week to tour the LST Memorial 325.  This ship actually landed on the beaches in Normandy on D-Day.  What a history!  We really enjoyed our tour and speaking with the veterans who were stationed throughout the ship.  

with my sister before our tour

The MASH Jeep, was actually used in the movie
(not that my kids had any idea what MASH was...haha)

The Princess trying out the equipment

Mr. B looking at the wheel

Checking out the bunks

Today was our final day of co-op for the 1st quarter.  So we wrapped up our classes in Creative Writing, the Parables of Jesus, Muscles & Fitness, and the Constitution.  It's been a fun set of classes!  Now we have a couple of weeks off before the 2nd quarter begins.

The Princess reading a tongue twister that her team wrote in Creative Writing class

Mr. B showing & telling to his class about some birds' nests that he found in our yard

I'm so ready to have some down time this weekend.  Today is a gray and rainy day and I think I'm off to take a much-needed nap!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Nicole said...

Hate those stinky unfocused weeks. We've had some days like that lately! Hoping that a new week, and new month, are just what you need!