18 October 2012

A Festivus For the Rest of Us

Not that this post has anything to do with Mr. Castanza's Festivus, I just love to say that phrase ;)  Actually, this post is about the fun fall festivals we've attended lately.  It's that time of year and it's our first fall here in Kentucky to enjoy the festivals~last year we were still getting settled in and just finding out about area events.  

Here is our local "art car".  I had caught a few glimpses of it here and there, but was excited to get a good look up close~it's a sight to see!

At the local Apple Festival we got to watch the process of making sorghum~it was very interesting!  I had no idea it is made from a type of cane using a process very similar to making maple syrup.   

 (stripping the cane for the juice)

(cooking the juice down into a syrup)

(sampling the sorghum on a stick of sorghum cane)

Of course, what festival is complete without bounce-arounds?  Any festival, in my opinion, but they obviously were asking children, right?  So the kiddos enjoyed quite a time with friends on the various bounce-arounds.  

There were apples, too, plus cider, apple pies, caramel apples and more!

Next year Vince is considering a chili booth, because he is obsessed with making chili these days (have I mentioned that?).  It's quite funny, but it's delicious so I'm not complaining!

Next up was the Ham Festival!  Yes, ham.  We even got to sample the World's Largest Biscuit :)  Here's a pic of the oven for the World's Largest Biscuit:

The Ham Festival had more of a street carnival flavor to it with lots of food vendors (pulled pork...mmm!), craft booths, and carnival rides.  

We all had fun walking around, checking out everything~even the whole pig on the grill.  (The Princess was NOT impressed:).  

Fall here in Kentucky is just gorgeous this year and it certainly makes you want to get out and see the sights! 

Do you enjoy these types of festivals where you live?  What's the wackiest-named festival that you've ever attended?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments! 

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