11 October 2012

An Autumn Day

We are having the most beautiful fall weather here in Kentucky and yesterday was no exception.  I just couldn't stay home any longer, I had to go for a drive!  

So I bundled the kiddos into the car (with an awesome book on cd and our "flying creatures" scavenger hunt list), picked up my sister and took off!  We decided to take a road we'd never taken before and see where it led us.  I love to do that!

Our first stop was at the charming little church shown above.  It was just too pretty and we had to stop and look around.  

Next we discovered the little pottery shop that a friend told us about.  She certainly didn't steer us wrong~the pottery is lovely (and reasonably priced, too!).  I am looking forward to doing some holiday shopping there.  

Near the pottery shop was a tiny--but very full--quilting shop.  Beautiful fabrics everywhere!  Since I don't really sew I didn't have a good excuse to go in there (except to just drool over all of the fabric I wish I could make things with), but my sister was with me and she definitely sews.  We had so much fun browsing through everything!

Then we hit the little highway again in search of a couple of Amish stores that we had heard about.  After a couple of wrong turns (but definitely interesting ones) we finally found them.  They were worth the drive!  The store had some great gluten-free products, including GF flours for an amazing price--and the bakery smelled so yummy we couldn't leave without a few things (namely, fried pies).  

Finally we had to turn toward home.  It was such a beautiful day that I could have just kept on driving, but responsibilities were waiting on me at home.  It was a fun little escape though and I can't wait to take off again one day soon!

All photos courtesy of my sister, Kari :)

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