24 October 2012

Our Kitchen Remodel: Phase 2

I'm so excited!!  Phase 2 of our kitchen remodel is done~whoo hoo!!  Some of you may remember last year when we moved in and completed Phase 1.  Remember that prison-cell-gray paint on the walls, the ugly dark cabinets with the dr's-office-plain hardware?  Ugh.  I sure do.  And I'm happy to say that's all g.o.n.e.!  

Of course, we painted the walls right away with a bright, cheery red~which I love, still.  But the room was still dark-ish and dated looking.  So painting the cabinets was the obvious, frugal choice.  I decided to go white, then I realized I have white counter tops (duh) and those just wouldn't look good with white cabinets.  So, then a stroke of brilliance struck me.  I had started seeing (on blogs, Pinterest, in magazines, etc.) some kitchens that had upper cabinets painted differently from the lower cabinets--and I loved that!  And that's what I decided must happen: white on the uppers, black on the lowers.

Now my mom, sister, and hubby weren't nearly as convinced as I was, but I could visualize it and in my mind it looked great.  I'm so glad my hubby trusts my instincts. "Go with the gut", I always say.  It never steers me wrong (and that's on many levels).  But I digress.  And off we went to buy black and white paint.  

Can I just say, I L.O.V.E. these cabinets?!  I do!!  They turned out so pretty, my hubby did an amazing job painting them all.  It wasn't even as big of a mess as I was afraid it would be.  

Here are some "after" shots for you:

Oh--and did I tell you that Vince surprised me last month by having a new kitchen sink faucet installed while we were on vacation?  It's nice and tall and I can actually fit a stock pot under it!  

We also changed the hardware to a nice oil rubbed bronze.  Also, instead of having to purchase all new hinges we spray painted them with oil rubbed bronze spray paint (we love that stuff!!).  They turned out great! 

Just a couple of "before" pics to make you cringe:

And a quick shot from the Phase 1 where you can see how the red walls looked with the stained cabinets--better, but not great.

Next up: Phase 3!  Oh, yeah!  We've still got some stuff to do before the holidays!!

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Mary said...

It looks great!!

Modest Mama said...

You kitchen looks amazing!!!!

Stefanie said...

Simply wonderful! I love it all, especially Big Boy.

Kristi said...

Wow, it looks beautiful!!

Erika said...

Oooh, pretty! It looks very classy. And you gotta love frugal updates!!!

Missy said...

What colors did you use on the wall? (brand and color) It is beautiful!


Lora @ my blessed life said...

Hi, Missy,
Thank you! The paint we used on the walls is by Valspar and the color is *crimson*.

Keaton Oakes said...

I like how the three colors complement with each other pretty nicely. The kitchen looks a little bit lighter and brighter with those colors. But I think it will still look good if you painted all the cabinets white. Anyhow, I love the color that you chose for the lower cabinets. Well done on the transformation! ->Keaton Oakes

Leeanne Dyson said...

I’m so amazed with the new look of your kitchen! The combination of the light paint in the cabinets above and the dark color below is a great idea. You deserve a standing ovation for that! You made your kitchen so inviting that it really made me decide to pursue my kitchen remodelling. Well, I hope my savings can already accommodate the expenses for that.

^- Leeanne Dyson -^