05 October 2012

The Weekly Wrap-Up: Legos & Pumpkins

Another week is in the books for our homeschool for this year.  (Right now I'm doing that little brow wiping motion ...as in "whew").  The week started off pretty rough, but ended up fairly good.  The lesson I'm taking away from this past week is that if I wake up exhausted on a rainy Monday morning again, I'm just going to roll over in bed and sleep a little longer.  Maybe all day.

Since Tuesday was the first Tuesday of the month we headed over to Nashville for the evening for the free build at the Lego store.  We always enjoy those and this month even Vince got in on the action.  (Can you tell he had fun)?

We finished up our week with a trip to a local farm with our homeschool group.  This farm is always so much fun and Fall is the perfect time to take it all in.  There was pumpkin "story time" with the sweet owner of the farm, rides on the lawnmower "train", plenty of climbing on hay bales, running through the corn maze, and, of course, picking pumpkins in the pumpkin patch.  

All I've heard since we left the farm is how The Princess is going to grow up and live on a farm one day.  And have lots of puppies and kittens~that's a given, of course.

For the rest of the weekend we're enjoying some delicious cooler temps, some relaxation and maybe even an apple festival.  I hope you savor the rest of your weekend, too.

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