27 October 2012

The Weekly Wrap-Up: Nature, Speeches & a Homecoming

We are so enjoying the beautiful fall color here in Kentucky this year!  This past week I just had to get out and take the kiddos to the Land Between the Lakes and capture some of the beauty with my camera.  

(with Aunt Kari at the Nature Station)

We made our first visit to the Nature Station there and had SO MUCH FUN taking a tour to meet all of their "residents".  They house several different species for various reasons (injuries, breeding programs to ward off extinction, etc.).  Here are a couple of the birds that we met: 

(the barn owl)

(the barred owl~our favorite!)

There were also fallow deer, turkeys, a hawk, a great horned owl, coyotes, a bobcat, a bald eagle, and red wolves.

It was the perfect cool fall day for crunching around in the leaves and taking the tour.  We also enjoyed some time inside the Nature Station checking out all of their fun displays.  They also had some reptiles inside and even some baby flying squirrels.

After that we walked around Hematite Lake for just a bit, loving more of the beautiful fall color.

The rest of our week was really very productive school-wise.  We stayed on our lesson plans very well and got a lot accomplished.  We did take Thursday off because we had to leave early that morning to go pick up Vince from the Nashville airport (he had been flying all night from Alaska to get back home), then we got stuck in terrible traffic on the way back home and we ended up just stopping for a good lunch before coming back home and taking naps~we were all so tired!  It was a nice day off.  

However, that evening the kiddos wrapped up their "homework" assignments from last week's co-op classes and finished up their "campaign speeches" for Election class.  It was fun listening to them practice their speeches.

And they were SO HAPPY to have their daddy back home again~they missed him a lot (and so did I)!  

Yesterday marked the 2nd week of our 2nd quarter co-op and it went very well.  I stayed busy not only helping in the art class, but also helping take student pictures for our group's yearbook (Vince is heading that up this year).  

Now I'm ready to enjoy the rest of the weekend with my family~we're having our annual "Pumpkin Day" today so there will be much carving, roasting, eating, and fun happening!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well!


Nicole said...

Amazing pictures!! Looks like a great day enjoying nature.

Betsy Brock said...

Oh, I've been gone way too long! The kiddos certainly are growing up! Glad to see you're enjoying fall as much as we are..it's been just lovely this year!

Kathy said...

beautiful pictures!!!!!

Phyllis said...

Those are some awesome pictures!