07 November 2012

5 Days of Preparing for the Holidays {gift giving}

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It's Day Three of our Preparing for the Holidays Blog Hop and today we're talking about gift giving.  You know what that means, don't you?  List making, right?  

And I've actually been doing just that.  Just this past week I finally dug out my Christmas notebook (yes, I'm a little behind, I admit it) and began making some lists.  I'm sure as you make your lists they might look similar to mine in that they focus mainly on our families.  Part of my list also includes a small handful of friends, our neighbors, and the service people in our daily lives (postman, sanitation workers...).  

When you start looking at your lists it can sometimes feel overwhelming, right?  Because even though we want to bless our family, friends, and neighbors it can really add up.  However, if we are creative, pro-active, and plan ahead we can still be a blessing to everyone on our lists without breaking the bank.  

Some of my favorite resources for frugal gift-giving are:
  • Pinterest~there are literally thousands of amazing ideas on there that can be crafted very inexpensively.  Just take the time to start yourself some idea boards and begin creating those gifts.  Feel free to start browsing my Bein' Crafty, Christmas, and DIY boards for some great ideas.
  • Money Saving Mom, Money Saving Queen, and Freebies 4 Mom~these sites continually post about freebies and other wonderful deals that can make great Christmas gifts.  It definitely pays to follow these sites on a regular basis.
  • Antique stores or second-hand stores~do the people on your list collect any thing special?  You can often find something to add to their collections in these types of stores for a reasonable price.   
It's not too late to be creative with your gift giving list!  

I would love to hear your idea for giving creative and frugal gifts~leave me a comment below.  And join us on the blog hop this week.  The blogs linked below are full of more great ideas, too.


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