07 November 2012

Making My Home a Haven {a Fall Challenge}

This month I am joining Courtney at Women Living Well and quite a few more fellow Christian women bloggers in making a concerted effort to "make my home a haven".  This is something I have been striving for since I first married and began making my own home with my husband.  

So many times I fall short and things are not very haven-ish.  Laundry gets piled up, the sink is full of dishes, the floor is sticky, and I'm just tired.  And, frankly, when that happens not even I want to be at home~ha!  But think about how it is when you make the effort to create an inviting atmosphere in your home.  We all want to be there, right?

This week Courtney challenged us to simply "light a candle" each day, make your home feel warm and cozy, and when you see that candle to pray for peace in your home.  

We have certainly been enjoying the yummy-smelling candle I picked up at the store (of course, I had to have a little chat with my son again about not blowing it out~he just can't seem to help himself when he sees a candle!).  This week we have been battling some stomach bug issues and having that lovely candle scenting the heart of our home has been so nice.  

So I encourage you today to light a candle in your own home, pray for your family and home that God's peace would reign.  And join me in the remaining "Making Your Home a Haven" challenges throughout this month.

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Adrienne Reina said...

Awesome, I am joining this challenge as well. They are such a blessing.

God bless you,