08 November 2012

*Raising Maidens of Virtue*: a Review

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I have been curious about this book for quite some time and was so happy to receive it for a review.  Raising Maidens of Virtue, by Stacy McDonald, is a very tastefully written book on the "study of feminine loveliness".  

According to the author, this book, published by Grace & Truth Books, is written primarily for mothers to read with their daughters ages 12-16.  I think those ages are very appropriate and look forward to sharing this book with my own daughter soon (she's only 9 right now).  This book addresses purity, personal hygiene, virtue, modesty, and so many more important topics for mothers to share with their daughters ...their young maidens.  It is written in a very tasteful and biblical way; however, each mother knows when her own daughter is ready to discuss certain topics and should use her own discretion for that.  

With that said, I am certainly enjoying reading this book myself.  I think it is a wonderful book for every Christian woman to read, regardless of their age.  While it is intended to raise up young women in a godly manner, it can also serve to encourage older women to fulfill their Titus 2 mandate to mentor the younger women.  This book would make a wonderful foundation for a young women's Bible study or a Sunday school class or small group.  

Even though this book is a biblical study, the author does not suggest it to be a workbook.  Rather it should be a book to be read aloud to your daughter, giving yourselves plenty of time to talk, share, discuss the topics at hand.  Mrs. McDonald, herself a Presbyterian minister's wife and mother of ten, also recommends that you create your very own scrapbook to accompany your study.  I thought this was a lovely suggestion and very much enjoyed her section in the appendix that give many ideas for memory-making projects.  The appendix also contains other treasures such as ideas for a literary luncheon and a reading resource list.  

The latest revised and expanded edition of this book is available through Grace & Truth Books' website for $18.50 (this is a 16% savings off of the retail price of $22).  This book is in hardcover and contains lovely full-color illustrations by Johanna Bluedorn.  

Grace & Truth Books also publishes many more books for the family.  There were 12 other of their books besides Raising Maidens of Virtue that have just been reviewed by my fellow homeschool parents on the Schoolhouse Review Crew.  I encourage you to click over here and read more about them!
Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book through the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.  No other compensation was received.  

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