15 November 2012

The Vocal Coach: a Review


Well, here it is: my last review with the Schoolhouse Review Crew (sniff, sniff).  It's been a wonderful year+ for me and my family has been blessed by so many great products; however, my schedule just doesn't permit me to continue on for this next year (although I hope to be back in another year!).  I hope that the reviews I've done have been helpful to some of you and that you'll continue to follow the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog to continue to discover new products.

Now let's talk about The Vocal Coach...

We all know how expensive private lessons of any kind can be and how many of you have kiddos who have asked for these lessons and you've had to say "not right now"?  Well, I'd like to tell you about a way for your children to have voice lessons in an affordable way: The Vocal Coach.  

This product has been developed by Chris and Carole Beatty.  This couple has taught and coached many singers of all ages and has a wealth of knowledge and experience.  Not only do they do private sessions, workshops, coaching, and mentoring, but they have taken their giftings and created a series of dvd/cd sets for all ages to help others become the very best singer they can be.  

We received their set of Teaching Kids to Sing for review and I was excited to get it.  My daughter loves to sing very much.  And while I grew up singing, naturally learning harmony from my musically talented mother, I really have no idea how to teach it.  And I feel like my daughter could benefit from some coaching.  

Teaching Kids to Sing is a set of 2 DVDs and 1 CD and is recommended for ages 5-13.  The first DVD focuses on Building Foundations That Last: Posture, Breathing, Tone, and Warm Ups.  The second DVD is titled Essential Skills for Growing Voices: Rhythm, Diction, Dynamics, and Vocal Health.  

The lessons on the DVDs flow easily with Vocal Coaches Chris and Carole Beatty interacting with a group of children in their "class".  They introduce the idea of being a vocal athlete in the very first lesson and proceed to teach how you must train your body and voice for singing.  Working through the DVDs in order is important as each lessons builds on the last.  Each DVD is about 45 minutes long--the individual lessons are obviously short and to the point, each ending with a fun song about that particular lesson.  The corresponding CD has the songs from each of the lessons, both with the vocals and without.  If you visit their website you will find there are corresponding exams available to download for free if you prefer to take a more formal approach to these lessons. Chris and Carole offer a lot of information specifically for homeschooling parents on this page as well.   

At first my kiddos weren't very excited about watching these videos (my daughter said, "but I can already sing"); however, after we had watched a lesson or two she began to participate in the exercises and see the benefits of them.  She loves music so much and is enjoying the fun and original songs on the accompanying CD.  I am beginning to see a bit more interest from my son as well.  

At a reasonable price of only $44.95 for this particular set, it's definitely worth the investment for the child who loves to sing and/or wants to learn to sing.  They also offer several other sets of DVDs and CDs for both children and adults~you may find something there for yourself as well!  

To read what other homeschool parents have to say about their products and see how they are using them head over to the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog.  


Disclaimer: I received the set of Teaching Kids to Sing through the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.  No other compensation was received.  

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