12 November 2012

The Weekly Plan {Nov 12th}

(It's our dog Holly's first birthday today!)

You may (or may not have) noticed that I never got around to posting a weekly plan for last week~and it's a good thing I didn't!  I would have blown it for sure.  It was quite a week!

It began with a stomach bug~those are always fun, right?  Thankfully this mama didn't get sick even though everyone else did.  Obviously, everyone wasn't up to the usual meals~which was good since I hadn't planned them..ha!  But there was lots of chicken noodle cup-o-soup and homemade potato soup involved.  

What was left of the week was very busy with schoolwork, co-op and our church family.  It turned out to be a good week.  Especially the early Thanksgiving dinner we had at church yesterday ....mmmmm!

Now this week is going to have to be much more organized~I've got lots to do to prepare for our family's Thanksgiving while also wrapping up schoolwork so that we can take next week off. 

So here's what's happening:

-Catch up on laundry (it's bad, folks!)
-Cleaning bathrooms (oh the joy)
-Dinner: Leftover Turkey & Dressing with cranberry sauce (from our church's Thanksgiving meal yesterday), and veggies
-Then I'm headed to our homeschool group's monthly Moms Night Out

-More house cleaning
-Delivering dinner to a friend who recently had surgery
-Dinner: Chicken & Apple sausages, scalloped potatoes, and a veggie

-Run an errand or two
-Teaching kiddos at church
-Dinner: Tostadas

-Dr.'s appointment
-Taking the kiddos to see a local play: The True Story of Pocohantas 

-Homeschool group co-op classes
-Work at the special Moms Night Out our church is hosting for area moms
-Dinner: pizza at the church:)

-Lowe's Build & Grow clinic
-Continue prepping for Thanksgiving
-Dinner: Baked Potato Pizza

-Morning Worship
-Lunch: Out to eat for Mexican food

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Nicole said...

Your week last week started out how my week started today. Brynne woke up with a fever, sore throat, and then threw up. And I was SO looking forward to a "normal" week and had a great Veteran's Day lesson planned. Ugghhh! Now just hoping she doesn't have my older daughter's mono. Have a great week! Wish I could go see the play with you!