12 December 2012

Learning About Local History

We recently visited our local history museum and learned so much more about the area in where we now live.  Cities and even smaller towns often have a local museum and I really encourage you to check these out!  It's amazing the things you will learn.

Our small town has three local museums: one for history, one for fire vehicles and other transportation, and one for a resident's circus collection.  

At the history museum one of the workers (and I imagine a local historian) gave us an introduction and then provided the kids with a scavenger hunt which required them to actually read about the displays (thus requiring learning) in order to complete the hunt.  The kids had a great time with it! 

getting an introduction and group instructions

learning about the tobacco wars in the early 1900's

a broom-making machine

Next we crossed the street to the fire and transportation museum where the kiddos once again had a scavenger hunt to complete.  I think this museum may have been the favorite.  The kids really seemed to enjoy all of the fire equipment and vehicles.

with some of our homeschool group

photos and fire hats

a vintage gas pump

a vintage buggy

Finally we wrapped up our field trip next door at the Circus Museum where a local citizen had donated his extensive collection of circus memorabilia.  I was just thankful there weren't any big clowns...haha  Of course, the biggest hit here was the fun house mirror--those are just always fun, aren't they? 

circus posters

playing in the fun house mirror

beside a vintage horse ride

And that wraps up our local history field trip.  We had such a good time learning about our area!  

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1 comment:

Nicole said...

Very fun!! I love local history! We had a very old gentleman come to our cub scout meeting recently who showed pictures of our small town and told stories. I grew up here and I learned a lot!