05 December 2012

Sorry I Fell Off the Face of the Earth

illustration by Susan Branch~I {heart} her!

Hello there!  

Long time, no see!

I've missed you all!

It's been a long, busy, rough, crazy few weeks around here.  And I am desperately trying to get things back in order.  Does that ever happen?!  I doubt it, but I have to make an effort, right?;)

I really just meant to take off the week of Thanksgiving since my parents were moving here and I was busy cooking up a storm.  But then the next week came and it was just soooo busy that I could hardly catch a breath, what with decorating at our church, getting ready for our church's Christmas banquet, trying to keep the kids focused enough to complete their school work, and ...you know, the usual.  I thought, "Oh, yeah, this week will be the one where I get back on track."  Right.  

Instead I got my first case of strep and my first ear infection.  So.Not.Fun.  I now know why babies just cry and cry when they have ear infections~they're miserable!  And feeling like you're swallowing razor blade-studded walnuts isn't so much fun either.  BUT I finally got an antibiotic yesterday and today I feel so much more human {hallelujah!}.  Now it does still sound like there are cicadas in my ear buzzing their little heads off, but I'm praying they go away very soon.  

My family has been amazing this week while I've been under the weather.  Vince has taken the kiddos with him as much as possible to give me some peace and quiet and even supervised schooling.  My sister even made me mom-style homemade potato soup one day (oh-so-delicious!).  It's hard on a home when "mama" is sick though.  So now I am catching up on laundry, dirty dishes, meal planning (I SO need to go to the grocery store!), cleaning, Christmas decorating (my house is covered in holiday boxes) ...you name it!  But I am also taking time to get some much-needed rest while enjoying some holiday movies and my favorite British murder mysteries:)

But tonight, while my family is at church and I am holding a hot compress to my ear, I am dropping by to say "hello".  I have lots to share and talk about in these upcoming days!  I hope that you are enjoying the holiday season as much as I am.  I LOVE this time of the year~it's my favorite!  I'll see you soon!

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