08 January 2013

A Mid-Year Homeschool Evaluation

Well, we are about halfway through our school year and that always puts me in a reflective mood.

The Princess just wrapped up her first math workbook for the year and she really struggled toward the end-- should possibly switch curriculum?  Mr. B is getting a better foundation with his grammar using a different curriculum than I had with The Princess at that age, but is he getting the same good foundation with spelling?

The beginning of the 2nd semester is a good time to make a switch if you need to and I've certainly considered it strongly, but in the end I've decided to stay the course.  After doing some browsing of other math and language arts curriculum I think we need to stick with what we started this year.  I will do more research toward the end of the year to see if I think The Princess needs a change and I'm almost 100% sure I'll be moving on to something new in language arts for Mr. B.  For right now, however, we're trucking on.

We fell a bit behind in our science last fall, but are picking right back up.  I think we'll finish fine there.  We took a break from our regular history to do a unit on the Pilgrims through the fall, so we're now starting back on our regularly scheduled lessons.

I admit to being a complete failure thus far in being consistent in teaching a foreign language, but I've not given up yet.  I'm looking at moving that to maybe a weekly lesson and then "practicing" what we've learned on each other all week in between lessons.  Due to our co-op classes I also slacked on our music and art appreciation and that really disappoints me.  But it's a new semester and I plan to return to our "artist-of-the-month" and "composer-of-the-month" this next week.

In other music news, I haven't been the greatest piano teacher, but The Princess is learning anyway.  I'm also glad to say that I've been fairly consistent with Mr. B's music lessons.  The fact that he loves them so much really motivates me!

With taking a quarter off from co-op classes, I hope to regain my focus.  Last fall nearly did me in schedule-wise and I think I've learned my lesson.  I really miss having a co-op that was 8 weeks per semester rather than (4) 6-week quarters of co-op.  The former schedule worked so much better with our homeschool life, but life changes and I have to learn to adapt to new things, right? :)  And doing 1 quarter of co-op per semester is going to be our limit from now on.  If this quarter off goes well, I plan to do the 4th quarter of co-op and maybe even teach a class.  

Each year of homeschooling--as in anything--brings its own challenges and differences.  Being able to grow and adapt with those will make or break you.  Learning when you need to take something off of your "plate" also helps tremendously.  I am slowing learning that very valuable lesson.

What lessons are you learning this school year?  I'd love for you to share in the comments!


Mary said...

You aren't alone. I think many homeschoolers are reflecting and making changes right now. We changed it up a bit at our house - so far, so good. Happy New Year!

Lora @ my blessed life said...

I hope your changes go well this 2nd semester!
Thanks for dropping by:)