06 January 2013

One Thousand Gifts {a fresh start}

I am so ashamed of myself.  I have no excuse.

I haven't stopped to count the many gifts in my life since ....August.  Yep, that was five months ago.

Rather than condemning myself though I'm giving myself some grace and starting again.  It's a New Year, right?  I love fresh starts!

The gifts never stop.

0591.  snow flurries~we haven't seen a lot, but I love, love, love the ones we have seen

0592.  having my parents and sister living close by~even when we get on each other's nerves there is a bond there that cannot be compared

0593.  having a real date night with my husband, stuffing ourselves at the Olive Garden and laughing so hard together at a movie about parenting~can't be beat!

0594.  hanging up a brand new {Susan Branch} calendar for the brand new year~pure joy!

0595.  whispers in my ear from my son about the special gift he wants to buy his sister for her birthday~precious

0596.  new goals for the new year~new beginnings

0597.  having a full tank of gas in my car

0598.  the freedom and ability to homeschool my kiddos, knowing I'm going what God has called me to do

0599.  receiving a beautiful handwritten letter in my mailbox from a far-away friend

0600.  God's mercies that are new, fresh, replenished ...every single morning!

Do you keep count of the many gifts in your life?  Join me in counting *One Thousand Gifts* with Ann at A Holy Experience.

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