04 January 2013

Reading Goals for 2013

It's January so I have, of course, had new goals on my mind.  One of those goals is all about reading.

I LOVE to read~I am a total book nut.  Just ask anyone who's ever helped us move--we get more comments about how many boxes of books we have than anything else:)  I just can't help myself.  And, frankly, I don't want to.  A book addiction is not a bad thing, right?  And I'm more than happy to pass along my book addiction to my kiddos.  They love books, too!  We are always having a shortage of bookshelf space at our house.

When it comes to setting reading goals for myself, I've never really ever been specific.  And I certainly don't want to set goals that make me feel bogged down if I don't meet them.  However, I do want to track my reading this year.  I plan to keep a book log throughout the year.  I found this adorable one that I'm printing off and keeping handy to write in.  I also found these and these for the kiddos.  I also want to track their reading this year as well.  I usually keep a loose log of their reading anyway (with the Book-It program and other summer reading programs), but I would like to be more diligent in that area.

I definitely want to challenge myself to read more non-fiction.  I do read non-fiction so it's not a category that I have a problem with, but I do tend to read more fiction than non-fiction and I would like to balance that out more.

I am also enjoying downloading free eBooks to my Kindle (which was a surprise birthday gift this past fall).  So far I'm sticking to the freebies with the Kindle and that is a lot of fun!  I absolutely have no plans to go strictly digital in my reading though, just mixing it up a bit.  I keep an eye out at several blogs that post free eBooks often: Ben & Me, Blessed Beyond a Doubt, and Money Saving Mom.

And I'm always up for good book recommendations!  So feel free to drop me one in the comments!

I'd love to hear what your reading goals and plans are for this New Year~tell me what you've got on your nightstand!


Nancy said...

Oh, I so share your book obsession! Hubby makes fun of me b/c I get giddy when I go in a bookstore or the library. I could literally stay for HOURS. I'm also becomming obsessed with free Kindle books, PLUS I got an Amazon gift card for Christmas, so plan to use that to invest in my collection. My most recent finds are: Tell Your Time: How to Manage Your Schedule...by Amy Lynn Andrews (e-book, was free at the end of the year, not sure if it still is), Grace: More Than We Deserve, Greater Than We Imagine by Max Lucado (also a free download for a time), Hope for the Weary Mom by Brook McGlothlin and STacey Thacker (another free for limited time), and Do What You Can Plan by Holley Gerth.

I also started Les Miserables before the movie came out but haven't made it very far in.

Have you tried any online reading lists (I think Goodreads might be one?) I haven't, but considering doing it this year. My Word document list is getting a bit out of hand. :)

Lora @ my blessed life said...

I'm a member of Goodreads, but haven't really done much on that site. I think another friend invited me and that's why I joined. I need to check it out more.

Have you looked into Booksneeze.com? As a blogger you can get a book for free in exchange for your review--the best part is there's no deadline! You might want to look into that. It's a Christian site and there are some great books available to choose from (yes, you get to choose what you want to review!).