26 January 2013

The Weekly Wrap-Up: South America, Heidi, and Getting More Rest

Can't believe this ends the last full week of January!  It has been one busy month ...and there are still a few more busy days in it for us next week.  

This hasn't been a very smooth week though.  I have been more tired than I think is reasonable.  I'm not sure why that is, but it has made for an emotional and cranky mama at times.  When you throw a stubborn son into that mixture ...well, it makes for some rough moments.  Just being real.  However, we have survived and I am making it a priority to get more rest (last night was a restful night for me, thank goodness!).  

This week in our homeschool:
  • there were new math concepts introduced to both kiddos and they caught on quickly
  • Mr. B learned about interjections and conjuctions (cue Schoolhouse Rock!)
  • The Princess is continuing her language arts study with Pippi Longstocking and enjoying it
  • we learned about the Mayans, the Aztecs, the Incas, Cortes, and Montezuma in history
  • and enjoyed South American-style hot chocolate, too
  • we started learning the specifics of how birds fly
  • and we made a "suet" block to refill our bird feeder
I guess those are most of the main highlights from this week.  

We also enjoyed going to a local production of Heidi, too!  We are currently reading through the story of Heidi so I was excited about seeing the play, although the kiddos spent a lot of time looking at me during the production saying "that wasn't in the book!".  heehee  I was just glad they didn't really tell the ending of the book so that we can enjoy finishing it without any spoilers.  

 (one of the kiddos' friends was with us for the day)

(with "Heidi" and "Clara" after the play)

I plan to spend some time this weekend getting extra prepared for next week (that may have been part of my problem this week--I didn't fully get my lesson planning done last week like I usually do) and doing some cleaning and organizing in our learning room.  

I also am looking for more interactive ideas to use with Mr. B to offset his frustration of sitting still for even a little bit to do schoolwork.  He is such a kinesthetic learner and I am learning how to work with that.  

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