05 February 2013

A New Project

We have a new project going at our house.  The Princess is making a 'knot quilt'.

She received the kit for the quilt a couple of years ago actually from my mom, but
we are just now getting around to making it.

I think the timing is right though: her interest is there and she's able to 
make all of those knots on her own.  

Teaching sewing is really out of my personal realm of knowledge, 
but I'm grateful for a mom and sister who sew and can 
assist with projects as needed.

Do you teach any kind of sewing to your children?  


Kari said...

Yea! Can't wait to see it finished. =)

Debbie said...

How fun! I bet she'll be really proud of the quilt when it's done.

Sarah said...

Oh how cute! I can't wait to see the end result!! Go E!!

Anonymous said...

I would love to see the finished project.