12 February 2013

*Blog at Home Mom*: A Review

Just this past week I was given the opportunity to read a brand new eBook, Blog at Home Mom, by Christin at Joyful Mothering.

This is definitely a different kind of book than many I've read on "mommy blogging".  Often these types of books are filled with ideas and ways to promote and profit from your blog--and those are not bad things.  However, Christin's focus in her inspiring book is how you can bring balance between blogging and mothering.  That is often quite a trick and she has some wonderful principles to share on this.  

As any blogger knows, a blog can become all-consuming if allowed.  And if you have a family, then you must guard against that more than ever.  There will definitely be times when you must spend extra time on your blog, but there are principles that you can apply that will help you create balance in this area.

Christin gives some wonderful advice on setting goals and schedules, creating boundaries, prioritizing tasks, and, most importantly, caring for your marriage and your relationship with God.  Christin is a wife and a homeschooling mom with five kiddos and has some good experiences to share on these areas.  

I really appreciated how Christin kept Christ at the center of even this eBook.  In each chapter she continually kept the main thing the main thing.  Her writing is clear and direct, easy to read and understand, and "spoken" with such sincerity.  I really feel that this will be a resource that I will turn to again and again as I continue this blogging journey.  I have certainly experienced lack of balance in this area and can relate to much that is in this book.  

Any mom blogger can really benefit from reading this little jewel!  It is full of applicable and practical advice, including a lovely foreword by Crystal Paine of Money Saving Mom and a resource section in the back.  

You can purchase this in a Kindle edition on Amazon for $4.99~a great deal!  And the best part is that all proceeds from this eBook go toward Christin and her husband's adoption fund goal!  

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of Blog at Home Mom in return for my honest and unbiased review.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.  

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Nancy@ThereIsGrace said...

I'm so glad you liked the book. I thought it was very insightful; so many great take-aways! Great review, Lora!

Linda said...

This will definitely go on my wish list! My husband and I are hoping to adopt too, so, I love that it will help the author out with that!

Thanks for dropping by my blog!