22 February 2013

Wrapping Up Our Week

It's time to wrap this week up!

In my life this week...

I have faced a few challenges, one being plain ol' fatigue.  I thought all of that "tiredness" was over with those couple of weeks in January, but this week I definitely battled that.  I guess I'm not as young as I think I am and our extra-busy weekend really wore me out:)  I am thankful that I am starting to feel more like "myself" now.  

In our homeschool this week...

We took an unexpected day off on Monday {Presidents Day}.  We had a friend visiting from out-of-town and decided that spending time with her was way more fun:)  She had been here all weekend and stayed through lunch on Monday.  It's always great when friends come to visit!

a visit from our friend Song

The rest of our week went fairly well.  We got back on track (after the flu sort of derailed us last week) and finally made that Day 100 goal!  (We haven't celebrated that yet, but I'm working on something).

The Princess is finishing up her Total Language Plus Pippi Longstocking study and is progressing further with learning about fractions (boy, am I having to study the teacher's guide for those lessons!!).  

Mr. B continues to do so well with First Language Lessons, is reading better every week, and made it through math lessons without too much pain this week.  (He is really great with math, but if he's not "in the mood" then he just shuts his brain off and it's really hard to get it done.  Thankfully, this week was better than others).  

Together we continued reading through the Bible with The Bible Story books.  We learned about nests and eggs this week with our Apologia Science.  We're currently in the middle of making a "naked egg".  So fun!  We also read more about the Elizabethan Age in our history, including Shakespeare.  In honor of my favorite playwright the kiddos watched The Lion King (a child-friendly adaptation of Hamlet).  

I didn't add in much in the way of "extras" this week since my goal was to get back on track with our core subjects.   

Places we're going and people we're seeing...

This is one of the few weeks this year so far that we haven't taken a field trip!  Never fear though, I have one planned for Saturday (so we're really making up that Monday off!).  We're heading to our regional maple syrup festival tomorrow and I can't wait!  It was so much fun last year (I mean, who doesn't like all-you-can-eat pancakes with freshly made syrup?!).  

Things I'm working on...

I am currently helping my husband work on pages for our homeschool group's yearbook (yes, he rashly volunteered).  Mostly I take the photos, but am the "assistant-in-general".  I would love to hear what software you or your group uses if you create a yearbook, too.

And now I'm off to get out of my pj's and enjoy this day!  Have a great weekend!

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Dawn said...

A maple syrup festival does sound fun. I look forward to hearing about it. I am glad you all had a visit form a friend.
Blessings, Dawn

Phyllis said...

It looks like you had a great and happy week. I agree with Dawn, a maple syrup festival sounds great!

Savannah @ HammockTracks said...

When I read that your daughter was reading Pipi Longstocking I thought I would share that the movie was filmed in my mother's house on Amelia Island in Fernandina Beach, FL. If your daughter really likes the character let me know and I'll send her a picture of the house. Not everyone likes, Pipi, though.

Lora @ my blessed life said...

How fun is that?! My daughter is very imaginative and has actually loved Pippi:) I've been planning to try to find the movie at the library for her to watch now that she's finished the book. I know she would love to see a picture of the house. How thoughtful of you~thank you!