04 March 2013

A Fun Mommy? Me??

My friend Nancy at There Is Grace has recently challenged me about being a "fun mommy".  So I've been giving that some thought.

I know I'm not a barrel of fun most of the time to my kids.  There just so much laundry to do, meals to plan and cook, errands to run, lessons to plan, schoolwork to do ....the list goes on and on.

But while I don't always participate in the fun, I do allow fun in our home:)  I have learned to let myself look the other way for a little while when they drag out ALL of the dress-up clothes and play one make-believe scenario after the other.  And just last week I let them dig up a whole pile of worms and helped fix them up in a little jar with some yummy paper for them to compost for a day or so.  And they both still have bug jars with their current "pet" crickets ....in their rooms!  I mean, my mother would never have allowed that.

So, yes, I do let them do fun things.  Things that sometimes make messes--to which I have a serious aversion.

However, when I did my own little tag search on my blog here for the tag "fun" I discovered that I haven't tagged a post as "fun" since last October.  October??!!??  Really?!?!  Now that's not to say we haven't had any fun for the past four months, but there also apparently hasn't been a single post which I deemed worthy to be tagged "fun".  I feel really sad about that.

I must need some fun in my life.

So while I don't have a "fun mommy" post to share about something this past week where I really let my hair down, I am determined to have one next week.

This week's challenge for me?  Have some intentional fun!

How about you?  Are you a "fun mommy"?  Why don't you click over to There Is Grace and share with us how you have fun with your children.  I need the inspiration!

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Nancy@ThereIsGrace said...

Yeah!! Thanks for rising to the challenge!! I'm right there with you in that while I allow fun, I don't usually participate, and RARELY do I initiate it! That's why this challenge is so great...we can learn from each other and push one another on to do it!

Thanks for linking up. I'm going to share your link on my FB page, so be sure to check it out!

Lora @ my blessed life said...

Thanks, Nanc! After checking out my not-so-current "fun" tag and realizing how much I must need some fun, I thank you for bringing this to my attention!! :)

Bugs and Sunshine said...

what a great reminder!

i think i'll plan a glow in the dark bath with glow sticks for my boys tonight!

Lora @ my blessed life said...

Bugs and Sunshine,

What a very fun idea!!