07 March 2013

Early to Rise Challenge {week 1 update}

Last week I briefly mentioned that I was joining in with Money Saving Mom's Early to Rise Challenge for this month.  And I thought it was time for an update (it's been a week already!).  

And what a week it has been!  Not much has gone according to plan and there has been sickness (stomach but) to deal with.  But isn't any week that you give yourself a challenge like that?  If something can go wrong it will, right?  Or at least it seems like that sometimes.

And being the dyed-in-the-wool night owl that I am it has been a very tough week of waking up for me.  I must confess that I feel like more mornings have been failures than successes.  It's just plain ol' hard for me to go to bed early and wake up early.  The mornings that have been successes have been very enjoyable though.  

Being married to a night owl makes it a bit harder to even want to change, too.  I don't like going to bed at night alone and I really enjoy spending time with my husband in the evenings (and late evening is when that has a chance to happen).   

But I am pressing on.  This was only the first week, so hopefully next week will be better.  I will say that I am really enjoying the eBook that we're reading through as part of the challenge.  Early To Rise is well-written and challenging, even if the author does make me feel like somewhat of a loser when he says that I have a hard time getting up early because I don't really like my life (don't think I agree with that point).  But it is a good read. 

So there it is: my accountability for the week.  

How about you?  Do you enjoy rising early?  


Linda said...

LOL! I totally agree. I love my life, but it's still hard to get up, when you stayed up too late, (and to be honest, even when I go to bed on time!)

Theresa said...

I like to snuggle in the mornings and be lazy...normally. However, then I realize I don't have the same energy, nor the same productivity as I do if I wake up early and just get going. It seems obvious...just hard...like you said. Normally my husband is up before I am, but with this challenge, it has switched. I'm usually running on the treadmill before he rolls around. :)

*Thanks for popping over to say hi at my blog!

Bugs and Sunshine said...

I've thought about your challenge a lot the past few mornings. This morning I got up late (8:30!!!). It just makes the entire day seem late and chaotic. The past two days I was up at before 7am and it did make a difference.

Dad gum it!

Andy Traub said...

OK, here I am defending myself. Not getting up because you don't like your life is ONE reason of many why we don't get up early. It's just a less obvious one that many people don't consider. You sound like you like your life so it doesn't apply to you. And thanks for getting the book and taking on the challenge.

Lora @ my blessed life said...

Hi, Andy!
Thanks for dropping by! And for reassuring me that I'm not a loser...lol I really am enjoying your book even if I still don't like getting up early {yet} :)