14 March 2013

Early to Rise Challenge {week 2 update}

Well, if week 2 of the Early to Rise Challenge is any indication ...I am just not a morning person and probably will never be.  However, I did have a strike or two against me this week.

1. My husband is out of town and I always have a harder time going to sleep at night when he's not home.  This week was no exception.  I never feel worried or afraid, I'm just wide awake.  It's annoying.  And 2. I'm wondering if taking Zyrtec late at night (bedtime) is giving me that dragging feeling in the mornings.  I'm supposed to take it for a month to clear up some fluid I have behind one ear and the doctor said I should just take it at bedtime since it makes one sleepy.  I have not personally noticed feeling any sleepier right at bedtime, but since it's a 24-hr pill I'm wondering if it's causing me to have problems waking up.

I need something to blame, right?  ha!

So here's my run down of each morning this past week:

Friday: woke up extra early to get hubby off to the airport and enjoyed some quiet time in-between then and getting the kids ready for our homeschool group meeting later that morning.

Saturday: slept in ...enough said.

Sunday:  overslept (thank you, Daylight Savings Time), but still made it to church in plenty of time.

Monday: dragged myself out of bed at a not-so-early hour--Mondays are hard for me for some reason.

Tuesday:  the whole family overslept (what is going on??)

Wednesday:  I actually got up early (for me ...apparently not for everyone else in this challenge who keep posting photos of their clocks at 5:30 am!!)

Thursday:  I officially feel like a loser with this challenge

And when I say "slept-in" I'm talking 8-8:30, not 10 or anything, but that's almost never before my son wakes up, of course, and that's what I really want to do.  When he wakes up he's full-throttle the moment he jumps out of bed.  Me ...it takes me a couple of hours to really get going.  And I really don't like to talk to people when I first get up.  Really.  But that doesn't work out for me very well.

BUT, I'm not giving up at week 2.  We'll see what week 3 is like first.

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Nicole said...

I am good at early morning challenges, and my husband always tried to do it with me. But, he is just a night owl. That's how he is. He can stay up after I go to bed FOR HOURS and have his quiet time. For years he was made to feel guilty that he wasn't able to get up early. Finally I just told him that I thought it was silly that he was trying something that just wasn't working for him and that he was being made to feel like a failure because of it. If I had to have a late-night challenge, I would fail every time. Don't be yourself up. Find the schedule that works best FOR YOU, and do it! If it's having your time at noon, then that's when you should. If it feels better for you to do it after the kids go to bed at night, then do it then.

Nicole said...

That's just my humble opinion. :) I ended that kind of abruptly. Also, I meant to say "Don't BEAT yourself up."

Lora @ my blessed life said...


I love you!! You made my day!!

Thank you for your sweet comment. I've been giving this challenge some serious thought, and even though I'm going to complete it and see how it goes I realize that I may just need to accept the way I seem to be created. Then I can work with that and tweak that schedule to be more productive.