11 March 2013

Fun Mommy Challenge {Week 2}

So this "Fun Mommy" challenge has been on my mind all week long.  And, believe me, I have not felt like a fun mommy at all this past week.  In fact, once or twice I've been accused of being "mean".  I guess that's what happens when you take pms+exhaustion+sending your hubby off for a week's trip+kids who keep fighting with each other+too much on the calendar ...you get "mean mommy".  Ugh.  

I don't want to be "mean mommy" though.  Not that I can be "fun mommy" all of the time, but at least part of the time, right?  And we have had our moments.  

We have played 'Wits & Wagers Family' game a couple of nights.  We love this game--it's full of trivia and I always learn fun and random facts when we play it (and the kids do, too!).

On a warm-ish afternoon I got out the bubbles for the kiddos and they had fun on the back deck blowing bubbles for our dog to jump and "eat" (it's really hilarious to watch!).  

We are reading Tom Sawyer as our family read-aloud right now and each night we love to cozy up together and read some more of Tom's crazy antics.  

Oh--and we did take a fun field trip last week to Nashville to the art center and also the the free Lego build! That counts, doesn't it?  Even if it was part of our homeschool lesson plan:)  

And today (which is Monday-and-I-don't-want-to-go-anywhere) I decided we all needed a trip to Dairy Queen for some mini blizzards....mmm!  That was a fun treat for us all!  

Like Nancy said in her post today, it's really not about "planning" fun, but more about living in the moment and grabbing some fun along the way!  I admit that's more of a stretch for me to be spontaneous.  I am such a Type-A person.  But even us planners need to live a little every now and then.  

So let your hair down (metaphorically-speaking) and share a "fun mommy" moment that you had this past week!  Or even better click over to There Is Grace and link up with Nancy, too!

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Nancy@ThereIsGrace said...

Ha! This must have been the week of the "Ice Cream Treat Run" Yum!! Sounds like an awesome Fun Mommy moment! Thanks for sharing and for linking up!