25 March 2013

Fun Mommy Challenge {week 4}

So, the flu has left me and I am feeling motivated to be "fun" again!  Yea!!  Last week I was ...umm....not fun.  Just sick:(  I'm so glad to be feeling human again.

This past weekend we celebrated our daughter's 10th birthday.  She has been excited about turning "double-digits" for ..oh, something like a year now and we wanted the day to be special.  

While it's pretty easy to get some fun mommy points on a birthday, they still count, right? 

She really wanted to help make her birthday cake and while it's always easier for a mom to just get it all done by herself, it was way more fun to let her help.  She's really taking an interest in cooking and I definitely want to encourage that.  She did a great job following directions and putting all of the ingredients in for the cake batter--and, of course, an excellent job of licking the beaters.  That's a tradition in our house.  Sometimes I fight the kids for the beaters, you know, because that was always my job before they came along and I sort of miss it.

Now for the real reason she's been so excited about her birthday: she got her ears pierced!  She's been wanting to do it for a while, but we told her that we wanted her to be old enough to do a good job taking care of them.  So we sort of decided that age 10 would probably be a good age.  She could hardly wait!  And she did a great job, even if she did nearly squeeze my fingers off while holding my hand during the actual piercing...heehee

I have loved making these memories with my sweet girl this past week.  She's really so much fun and it's wonderful to be her mother!

What fun mommy moments have you had this week?  Link up with Nancy at There Is Grace and share with us!


Nancy@ThereIsGrace said...

What a fun birthday celebration for The Princess! Tell her her ears look beautiful! ;) My Little Miss has been begging to get hers pierced for awhile, but we told her she had to be older, too. (I think 10 is a good age.) I'm so glad you're feeling better! Thanks for linking up. I'm posting your link on my FB page.

jdmsmith said...

New here. Love your blog. I can relate because my daughter will be 10 on April 4th! She has been waiting also, to be double digits! God bless. Can't wait to read more on your blog!