10 April 2013

Let's Go Fly a Kite!

Spring has finally arrived here in Kentucky and we are so thrilled!!  

The winter has seemed so long and wet and cold.  The sunshine and blue skies are a welcome sight to our eyes.

We took an afternoon earlier this week and headed to a new-to-us park for a picnic and kite-flying.  So refreshing!

While we aren't officially taking an entire week off for a spring break this year, we are making time in our schedule for some extra fun activities on days when the weather is the nicest.  

Just relaxing, walking, and playing outside with my family is truly good for the soul.

These windy spring days are so perfect for flying our kites~I love seeing the kites' tails blowing in the wind.

And there's something about playing on the playground that just makes you feel like a kid again ...in one way ...then in other ways, a tad bit old...heehee

So, Happy Spring to you!  Go fly a kite!

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