03 May 2013

End of the Week Wrap {make that a few weeks!}

Another week of 2013 is gone~each weekend when I write this post I am reminded of just how quickly this year is going!  I so want to savor the moments, and yet I feel like they are passing in a blur.

In my life these past few weeks...

I have been very busy helping my husband finish up pages for our homeschool group's yearbook.  We took that project on this year and it's been a very big bite to chew.  I'm excited about how the book has come together though!

We've had lots going on at our church: a weekend leadership conference, a yard sale, ladies night out, and tons and tons of planning for upcoming events.  It's exciting!  But it's also a bit exhausting--I pray for supernatural strength a lot:)

In our homeschool these past few weeks...

Let me be honest, we have had a few very rough days--not consecutive, thank goodness.  We are all ready for summer break around here ...especially me!  But we are SO close--about 10 more days now and subjects are beginning to wrap up.

The Princess has really been having some serious frustration with her math lately and I have finally decided that next year has to be different.  We've used Singapore math for last year and this year, and overall it has worked very well for us (in fact, I plan to keep using it next year for Mr. B).  But this semester has introduced some concepts for The Princess that I think she needs to slow down on and take more time learning.  Singapore just moves too quickly for that.  So last week I purchased Teaching Textbooks for her to start next year.  I plan to finish the Singapore book she's in (hopefully), but after that make the switch.  I am excited about it and I really think she will be, too.  I think the style of it will work for her much better.

Math aside, things are going fairly smoothly!  More double lessons accomplished!

The Princess has finished her grammar for the year and Mr. B has finished his handwriting book.  In fact, in nearly everything--science, math, handwriting (The Princess), grammar (Mr. B)--we are right at the end of our books.  History is the one subject that we're not close to finishing, but that's okay.  We're planning to continue reading through that during the summer.

Places we're going & people we're seeing...

Last week was our last week for co-op until fall.  I have to admit that life has been so hectic lately that I have basically dragged into co-op on Fridays wishing I were still in bed.  This year has taught me so much about what does and does not work for us in a co-op setting.  Don't get me wrong though, our quarter of classes have been fun and the kids have learned lots of new things!

In fact, their Science Fair classes wrapped up their group projects and they really turned out great!  I'll be sharing more about those after our official Science Fair this weekend.

This week we had fun attending a "Rockin' Readers" party that some friend hosted to end the Book-It program for the year.  We met at the park for pizza (of course!) and cupcakes and lots of fun.

Things I'm working on...

I've been busy making my curriculum-needed list for next school year!  This morning I'm off to a local used curriculum sale with a couple of friends to get started on that.  

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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Phyllis said...

Love all the reading photos.

Jessy said...

Wow! Only 10 more days! We have 25, and I have a feeling these last 25 are going to be a challenge. We're more than ready for the "lazy days of summer".

We have those reading "rulers"! I even use one! LOL

Christine said...

We're on our third year of Teaching Textbooks. It ended all math tears and this Momma is so grateful. Loved reading your update. Visiting from iHomeschool.

Lora @ my blessed life said...

That's great to hear that TT has worked so well for you! I'm really looking forward to trying it.

Beth said...

We hit that point with my son in math of needing to slow down.

Sarah Small said...

My middle child did not do well with Singapore (K-3) or Saxon (4-7) but did better with TT for pre-algebra and algebra. This past year she's taken geometry at our co-op, and that has made ALL the difference in math for her! My oldest thrived on Singapore. They are all so different!

Becca said...

We just finished up our first book [history] and I was surprised at how pleased I was for days. Such a sense of accomplishment! Way to go!